How to Flip the Best Effin’ Burgers on Your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Picture succulent baby back ribs, juicy steaks, and yummy hamburgers sound like a barbecue enthusiast’s dream come true, doesn’t it? Barbecue is a wildly popular method of cooking meat but it comes with its own share of drawbacks. While the end result of a barbecue may sound amazing, the process itself can often get grueling and monotonous. It is quite a long process and you might have to spend almost the whole day watching the grill and making sure the temperature stays consistent. The key to overcoming these problems is the electric smoker. It is the perfect barbecue appliance for beginners and those who just cannot devote their whole day to BBQ. Electric smokers make the smoking meat very easy, just pop the meat in, set the temperature and go about your work. You’ll end up with perfectly smoked, tender cuts of meat.

The most popular electric smoker out there is probably the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. It is a state-of-the-art appliance and many top chefs and barbecue experts swear by it. You would definitely wow your guests at your next backyard barbecue bash with smoked meat burgers cooked to perfection on your MES. While smoking burgers can be quite a challenge as they are often prone to blow open or crumble, if they are done right, there’s nothing better! For all novices trying their hand at smoking burgers, this article is sure to be a great help. Read on for more information on how to smoke a burger, flawlessly.

Smoking burgers give them that rich, smoky flavor that just cannot be replicated on a grill. Also, it requires much lesser effort too. You do not need to constantly flip the meat or move it around like you would on a grill. Just toss the meat in your MES and let it work its BBQ magic.

One surefire way to ensure that your burgers don’t fall apart in the smoker is to add an egg or two into the mix. Not only will this enhance the taste, it will also keep your burger from crumbling. Pink salt will also do the trick of keeping your burgers intact. As for the wood chips, when it comes to burgers, mesquite wood is the perfect complement to them.

Another very important factor while smoking any kind of meat is the temperature. Get this right and you’ve mastered the art of smoking that particular meat. For burgers, the most optimal temperature would be around 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook at burgers at this temperature for around 60 to 90 minutes depending on how well you want them done. Make sure to remove the burgers from the smoker just as the temperature reaches around 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

To add a twist to your burger, you could use blue cheese in them. The sharpness of the blue cheese goes amazingly well with the smoky flavor and is sure to be a great hit with your family and friends. Top it all off with a little bacon for that perfect smoked burger.

The MES is one of the best smokers out there today and you can create great burgers on it. If you follow the tips above, your burgers will be the talk of the town, come barbecue season.

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