How Many Racks Do I Need in My Bradley Smoker?

Barbecue is a well-loved method of cooking meat, used extensively all over the world to cook different types of meat. In the past, barbecue was a long process involving hours of monitoring the smoker and watching the meat to make sure it was cooked to perfection. Nowadays, however, the electric smokers have made BBQ a much easier task. You don’t need to spend all day watching the meat, just place it in the electric smoker, plug it in and you will be good to go in an hour or two.

The Bradley smoker is part of this wondrous breed of electric smokers. In fact, it is one of the best and most convenient smokers out there today. It is a unique digital smoker that works on wood bisquettes fed to it by way of a hot plate so that smoke is created constantly. This ensures that the meat is cooked thoroughly both on the inside and the out. You can choose the smoking time, cooking time and temperature and then leave it to its own devices. Finish up with your chores and errands and your perfectly cooked, the succulent barbecued meat will be waiting for you.

One important decision to make while buying a Bradley smoker is how many racks do you need it to have? The most popular Bradley smoker is the one with 4 racks but users often find that this is not enough and end up having to order extra Bradley racks. As they are detachable, they can be used to transport the food to and from the smoker without having to actually remove them from the rack, adding to the convenience factor of the Bradley smoker. The racks have great support and there is absolutely no fear of your meat tipping over and falling off the racks.

While you would assume that you would need a smoker with more racks if you plan to cook for more people, this is not necessarily true as having more racks might make it difficult to smoke sausages and other such meat which have to be hung up in the smoker. So, rather than the number of people you want to cook for, you should keep in mind the kind of meat you want to cook. Also, be sure to experiment with moving the racks around depending on what kind of meat you are smoking. Different ways of positioning the racks can help in smoking large hunks of meat.

The Bradley smoker with the four racks can hold about 50 lbs of meat with absolutely no trouble at all. It is also large enough to smoke most types of meat except perhaps, a whole hog or a side of beef. You can smoke enough meat at one go to serve a large party. This will save you significant amounts of time as well as money. So, if you are expecting a big barbecue party with a lot of people to cook for, the four-rack Bradley smoker has got you covered.

Images courtesy of Bradley Smokers.

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