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I Didn’t Get a User Manual in My Smoker – What Now?

A smoker cooks meat slowly, on a low flame using some form of fuel such as charcoal or wood. Smoking meat is very popular among barbecue enthusiasts as it imparts a rich flavor to the meat that just cannot be replicated by any other method. It might take more effort and time than a regular charcoal grill but a smoker makes your meat much more succulent. To top it off, smoking meat also makes it healthier!

You should get something like this everytime you buy a smoker. If you don’t, the best suggestion would be to contact the manufacturer’s customer support.

So, you go ahead and buy a smoker, only to find that it has arrived without a user manual. With the amount of information about smoking meat on the net, it can quickly get overwhelming and confusing for someone who is smoking meat for the first time. Don’t worry, though! Smoking meat may seem intimidating to start with but once you get down to it, it all comes down to two main factors, the temperature, and the timing. Once you get these right, you will be smoking restaurant quality meat in no time!

Read on for some tips on how to use your first smoker:

If you have tried grilling in the past, you might think you can apply the same principles to smoking meat too. But these two methods are very different. The main principle when it comes to smoking meat is patience. Slow and steady wins the race in this game. When grilling meat, the temperature would be around 400 degrees Fahrenheit but while smoking the temperature is much lower at 200 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Another major difference between the two is that in the grilling process, you would have to lift the lid many times in order to avoid flare-ups but this is counter-productive in the process of smoking meat. Avoid lifting the lid at all costs as this would cause the smoke to escape and significantly increase the cooking time.

A pro tip when it comes to smoking meat is to cure the smoker prior to actually putting the meat in. First get the temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit then turn it down to about 225 degrees Fahrenheit and let it smoke for several hours. This will add a layer seasoning to the smoker and also remove all contaminants.

Next, before putting the meat into the Bradley Digital Electric Smokers, you should select the wood chips you will be using. Different types of meat go with different types of wood, so choose the wood chips depending on the meat you are planning to smoke. The right wood chips will enhance the flavor of your meat and add a smokiness to it, without overwhelming the taste of the meat itself.

Now, it is time to load up your meat. For best results, marinate your meat overnight with your choice of rub. Once the meat has returned to normal room temperature, you can put it into the smoker and finally begin the process. This is probably the easiest part of the whole process of smoking. Once you have started smoking the meat, just make sure the temperature remains consistent and give it ample time to cook. In the matter of a few hours, your tender, succulent meat should be ready to serve!

Electric Smokers in the UK – Which One Is Best?

Smoking meats and seafood is a long-held tradition in many countries and cultures all around the world. The rich, smoky flavor imparted to the food during the process of smoking is a well-loved taste among BBQ connoisseurs everywhere. In the times past, smoking was a rather arduous process involving a lot of time and effort. You would have to collect wood, charcoal and monitor the coals through the whole process to make sure the meat cooked to perfection. Nowadays, however, the electric smoker provides a one-stop solution to all these problems. It does a perfect job of cooking the meat with little supervision. You can just pop the meat into your electric smoker, set it to the appropriate temperature depending on the meat you are smoking and then go about your tasks, assured that when you return, your meat will be ready. It is the perfect smoker for beginners in the world of smoked meats as well as for experienced BBQ lovers.

So now we get to the question, which smoker should you buy? Which is the best smoker in the UK market? There is such a wide range of electric smokers available that a first-time buyer would find this decision confusing, to say the least. The list of electric smokers below are the hottest ones out there right now. Read through their descriptions and pick out the one that best suits your individual needs!

1. SmokinTex Smoker

The SmokinTex is a versatile smoker that is quite user-friendly. It requires minimal effort as with most electric smokers and comes in a range of sizes for both home use as well as commercial use. Load up your meat, put in the wood chips of your choice and plug it in. It is best known for the smoky, authentic flavor it confers on the meat. The SmokinTex electric smoker is perfect for BBQ novices as well as seasoned experts. As an added benefit, SmokinTex also sells smoking accessories to go along with the smoker.

2. Char-Broil Standard Digital Electric Smoker

This one is a serious contender for the title of the best electric smoker. It is the perfect smoker for you if you intend to cook for large parties and is great with all kinds of meat and seafood. It is especially suited for outdoor smoking as it has air dampers and fire access doors. This smoker is great for those who like the slow and low method as it is very well insulated and gets the meat cooked both on the inside and the out. The Char-Broil deserves brownie points for its warming feature which keeps your food warm until you are ready to eat it.

3. Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smoker

Masterbuilt is one of the most popular electric smoker brands today and with good reason. The Masterbuilt electric smoker is unsurpassed when it comes to innovation and quality. It works perfectly with all kinds of meat, be it chicken, pork or even fish. It has a wide temperature range and is spacious enough to smoke enough meat for several people at once. This smoker has a wide temperature range so you can attain the exact temperature required to cook your meat flawlessly.

All three of the electric smokers listed above are well worth every dime you spend on them and will make your next barbecue party a great success!

How to Make the Best Steak Possible in Your Electric Smoker?

Smoking meat gives it a flavorful, rich taste that just cannot be replicated. As all experts in the field know, a smoked steak can either be succulent, tender and juicy or it can be tough and dry. It all depends on your smoking methods. Though smoking a steak takes much longer than just tossing it onto the grill, it’s well worth the time and effort. Smoking steak gives it that rich woodsy flavor that just cannot be achieved by grilling it. A well-smoked, juicy steak is sure to be a big hit at your next barbecue backyard party.

The best bet when it comes to smoking steak is to go with the low and slow method. Keep the temperature of the smoker on the lower side and allow it to take its time in cooking the meat. A smoker needs time in order to cook the meat thoroughly, both inside and out. Also, don’t forget to marinate your steak overnight. This is one overlooked fact that makes your steak taste so much better. Take your steak out of the marinade and allow it to return to room temperature before you begin to fire up the smoker. It is important to make sure the meat reaches the cooked temperature. You can even be flexible with the temperature if you want a bloody or well-cooked meat.

The most important factor when it comes to smoking steak is the kind of meat you buy. This can make or break your whole smoking experience. Make sure to opt for the juiciest, boneless steak available, preferably a rib-eye. For best results and enhanced taste, find a cut of meat that is bright red and around one inch thick. It is all the better if the meat has veins of fat running through it called marbling. The marbling is what gives steak its signature juiciness.
Now it is time to finally smoke your steak. Don’t be intimidated if you’re a beginner to using electric smokers. In some ways, an electric smoker makes it much easier to smoke steak. You do not need to keep a constant watch on the temperature and smoke but do make sure you keep the temperature consistent. As for the wood chips, hickory, mesquite, maple, and apple are probably the best compliments to steak. They add to the taste of the steak without overwhelming its own smoky, rich flavor.

The ideal temperature to smoke steak is around 220 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You can keep the temperature a little higher or lower depending on how much time you can devote to the process. It would be best to give it at least one and a half or two hours to cook. Make sure you do not remove the steak or let the smoke escape before it reaches an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

By keeping in mind the above tips while smoking your steak, your rib-eye is sure to wow your guests at your next backyard barbecue bash. So, fire up the smoker and put on your apron, it’s steak time!

How Many Racks Do I Need in My Bradley Smoker?

Barbecue is a well-loved method of cooking meat, used extensively all over the world to cook different types of meat. In the past, barbecue was a long process involving hours of monitoring the smoker and watching the meat to make sure it was cooked to perfection. Nowadays, however, the electric smokers have made BBQ a much easier task. You don’t need to spend all day watching the meat, just place it in the electric smoker, plug it in and you will be good to go in an hour or two.

The Bradley smoker is part of this wondrous breed of electric smokers. In fact, it is one of the best and most convenient smokers out there today. It is a unique digital smoker that works on wood bisquettes fed to it by way of a hot plate so that smoke is created constantly. This ensures that the meat is cooked thoroughly both on the inside and the out. You can choose the smoking time, cooking time and temperature and then leave it to its own devices. Finish up with your chores and errands and your perfectly cooked, the succulent barbecued meat will be waiting for you.

One important decision to make while buying a Bradley smoker is how many racks do you need it to have? The most popular Bradley smoker is the one with 4 racks but users often find that this is not enough and end up having to order extra Bradley racks. As they are detachable, they can be used to transport the food to and from the smoker without having to actually remove them from the rack, adding to the convenience factor of the Bradley smoker. The racks have great support and there is absolutely no fear of your meat tipping over and falling off the racks.

While you would assume that you would need a smoker with more racks if you plan to cook for more people, this is not necessarily true as having more racks might make it difficult to smoke sausages and other such meat which have to be hung up in the smoker. So, rather than the number of people you want to cook for, you should keep in mind the kind of meat you want to cook. Also, be sure to experiment with moving the racks around depending on what kind of meat you are smoking. Different ways of positioning the racks can help in smoking large hunks of meat.

The Bradley smoker with the four racks can hold about 50 lbs of meat with absolutely no trouble at all. It is also large enough to smoke most types of meat except perhaps, a whole hog or a side of beef. You can smoke enough meat at one go to serve a large party. This will save you significant amounts of time as well as money. So, if you are expecting a big barbecue party with a lot of people to cook for, the four-rack Bradley smoker has got you covered.

Images courtesy of Bradley Smokers.

How to Flip the Best Effin’ Burgers on Your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Picture succulent baby back ribs, juicy steaks, and yummy hamburgers sound like a barbecue enthusiast’s dream come true, doesn’t it? Barbecue is a wildly popular method of cooking meat but it comes with its own share of drawbacks. While the end result of a barbecue may sound amazing, the process itself can often get grueling and monotonous. It is quite a long process and you might have to spend almost the whole day watching the grill and making sure the temperature stays consistent. The key to overcoming these problems is the electric smoker. It is the perfect barbecue appliance for beginners and those who just cannot devote their whole day to BBQ. Electric smokers make the smoking meat very easy, just pop the meat in, set the temperature and go about your work. You’ll end up with perfectly smoked, tender cuts of meat.

The most popular electric smoker out there is probably the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. It is a state-of-the-art appliance and many top chefs and barbecue experts swear by it. You would definitely wow your guests at your next backyard barbecue bash with smoked meat burgers cooked to perfection on your MES. While smoking burgers can be quite a challenge as they are often prone to blow open or crumble, if they are done right, there’s nothing better! For all novices trying their hand at smoking burgers, this article is sure to be a great help. Read on for more information on how to smoke a burger, flawlessly.

Smoking burgers give them that rich, smoky flavor that just cannot be replicated on a grill. Also, it requires much lesser effort too. You do not need to constantly flip the meat or move it around like you would on a grill. Just toss the meat in your MES and let it work its BBQ magic.

One surefire way to ensure that your burgers don’t fall apart in the smoker is to add an egg or two into the mix. Not only will this enhance the taste, it will also keep your burger from crumbling. Pink salt will also do the trick of keeping your burgers intact. As for the wood chips, when it comes to burgers, mesquite wood is the perfect complement to them.

Another very important factor while smoking any kind of meat is the temperature. Get this right and you’ve mastered the art of smoking that particular meat. For burgers, the most optimal temperature would be around 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook at burgers at this temperature for around 60 to 90 minutes depending on how well you want them done. Make sure to remove the burgers from the smoker just as the temperature reaches around 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

To add a twist to your burger, you could use blue cheese in them. The sharpness of the blue cheese goes amazingly well with the smoky flavor and is sure to be a great hit with your family and friends. Top it all off with a little bacon for that perfect smoked burger.

The MES is one of the best smokers out there today and you can create great burgers on it. If you follow the tips above, your burgers will be the talk of the town, come barbecue season.